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Attention, the products are made to order with 50% prepayment. The making  takes approximately two months.

Ready products  are by 20% more expensive. (Except special proposals from the section "Ready products " ).



Attention, in connection with instability of the prices of materials and equipment elements , all prices are given approximately. The exact prices will be calculated by preparation of the order for products.




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EnlargeRIAA tube corrector for vinyl records
Basic variant is prepared to work with MM pickup.
Version for MC pickup is possible and discussed when ordering.
If necessary, basic version could also be remade for MC pickup for extra charge of 8316 roubles (without cost of shipment to Stavropol and back to customer).


Version for MM: - 51205 rubles.


Version for MC: - 55440 rubles. (please inquire the possibility of ordering)


[ Corrector in the process of manufacturing ]





УвеличитьArchival model of a tube RIAA mini corrector in a standard-sized design

The model features 6Н16Б and 6Н17Б tubes.

Designed for MM pickup.






- 30800 rubles.




Tube preamplifier for the coordination of MC pickup with MM corrector for vinyl records


The power unit is placed in a separate box.

See MC next to the PreAmp mini.



- 16863 rubles.


Copyright ©2003, Alexandr Klyachin

Made in Point Studio