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Combined devices




Includes DAC5+USB and H-2 tube preamp.

with coaxial and optical inputs (up to 24 bit / 96 kHz) and USB input.

Two line inputs and one line output.

For coordinated work with headphones, having 30, 100, and 300 Ohm of resistance, the amplifier has a three-position switch.



- 115950 rubles.







Includes a combined DH-1 unit and TA-2 amplifier.



- 159532 rubles.



Attention! To avoid breakdowns:


Do not connect USB cable during the operation of the devices that you want to connect by this cable.


When connecting and disconnecting the USB cable, at this time, completely disconnect the DH-1 or DHT-1 from all other cables: network, interconnect, digital coaxial. DH-1 or DHT-1 should be turned off using the network switch. There is no need to disconnect an optical cable.





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Attention, the products are made to order with 50% prepayment. The making  takes approximately two months.

Ready products  are by 20% more expensive. (Except special proposals from the section "Ready products " ).





Attention, in connection with instability of the prices of materials and equipment elements , all prices are given approximately. The exact prices will be calculated by preparation of the order for products.

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