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CD player



CD-2 player
- Plays CD and DAD, DVD audio track in stereo.
- Can work as DAC, there are coaxial and optical inputs (up to 24 bit / 96 kHz).


Price - 89936 rubles.




CD-3 player
- Plays CD and DAD, DVD audio track in stereo.
- Can work as DAC, there are coaxial (up to 24 bit / 192 kHz), optical (up to 24 bit / 96 kHz) and USB inputs (PCM up to 24 bit / 384 kHz and DSD mode DoP: DSD-64, DSD-128). With a USB cable CD-3 can be connected to your computer and will work as an external sound card.

(CD-3, photo 1 and photo 2. The front panel - veneer black apricot.) An exclusive sample, orders for such decoration are not accepted).


Price -  195734 rubles.


Attention! To avoid breakdowns:


Do not connect USB cable during the operation of the devices that you want to connect by this cable.


When connecting and disconnecting the USB cable, at this time, completely disconnect the CD-3 from all other cables: network, interconnect, digital coaxial. CD-3 should be turned off using the network switch. There is no need to disconnect an optical cable.


Connecting the CD to the computer should be done only during the driver installation process,
when the CD is asking to do this. Do not connect before this moment.


Before installing the driver, connect CD-3 (that is disconnected from other cables)
to the computer using USB cable.

Then interconnect cable connected to the amplifier, (which is at this time disconnected from all cables except acoustic ones) should be connected to CD-3. Then connect power cord to CD-3.


After that, start installation of the driver for CD-3 to the computer. In this process the CD-3 must be disabled by using its network switch.

When the program of driver installation asks you to connect the DAC to the computer, you need to enable CD-3 using a network switch.


To download the driver for CD-3 (for version before 2017)


Information for the DAC-7 (and for CD-3) of 2018




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