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The two-stage single-step circuit without negative feedback. , transformless output.

Type of tubes - 6N15P and 6N6P - the first version. Type of tubes - 6N15P and 6S19S - the second version.

For coordinated work with headphones, having 30, 100, and 300 Ohm of resistance, the amplifier has a three-position switch.
Two line inputs and one line output.


- 25690 rubles.




Transformerless tube preamplifier.
One stage, single-ended circuit without negative feedback.

Type of tubes- 6N6P.
Three line inputs and one line output.

See TA-2 and TA-2 as a part of Ruslan`s audio system. We thank Ruslan (our dealer) for this pictures.


- 21420 rubles.





Pre-amplifier with ECC85 tubes.
In the basic variant - one stereo line input.
Custom version with two stereo inputs more expensive by 20%.
A power supply is in a separate adapter.

Working together with our transistor amplifier TA-2, the preamp mini allows to reach perfect sound of AG-1 hybrid model .
It can also help to eliminate or reduce the lifelessness of transistor amplifiers made by other producers.

See another photo.

Price - 15260 rubles.




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Auxiliary devices




Switch between speakers and headphones.
is intended to create headphone output in our amplifiers. It has a toggle switch to choice between speakers and headphones.
Cables for the section "amplifier - switch" are to be ordered separately. Usually we produce cables not shorter than 2 M, but in a set with S-2 we accept orders for 2 cables, each 1 m. long for connection between amplifier and switch.
On the photo - the previous model of the switch. Currently we accept orders for S-2 with three-position toggle switch for agreed work with headphones, having 30, 100, and 300 Ohm.


Photo of new S-2




Price: - 11480 rubles.








Switch SMA

Switch on the front panel allows you to choose between three five-channel signal sources and two stereo sources. The switch has five positions of the input selector.

You can use it to signal on the five-channel amplifier or amplifier with fewer channels.

The selector  is passive. Power of the network is required only for reed relay and for indication of selected input.

See another photo.



- 36400 rubles.




Attention, the products are made to order with 50% prepayment. The making  takes approximately two months.

Ready products  are by 20% more expensive. (Except special proposals from the section "Ready products " ).



Attention, in connection with instability of the prices of materials and equipment elements , all prices are given approximately. The exact prices will be calculated by preparation of the order for products.



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